Commonwealth Secretariat Deputy Secretary-General Mmasekgoa Masire-Mwamba's visit to Diamond Technology Park with Commonwealth Heads of Public Service from across Africa.
Honorable Minister Dr PHK Kedikilwe officially launches Diamond Technology, Jan 2009
Canadian Minister Honorable David Ramsay, with his Deputy Minister, Peter Vician on a visit to the DTP
Under Secretary of State of The United States of America, Robert Hormats visiting Safdico's Diamond Cutting and Polishing Facility at The Diamond Technology Park.
Liberian President Her Excellency Ellen Johnson Sirleaf looking at polished diamonds during her visit to DTP.
Permanent Secretary to the President of The Republic of Botswana, Mr Eric Molale tour of the DTP with his team of Permanent Secretaries.


In keeping with the Botswana Government’s vision for the establishment of a downstream diamond industry, Diamond Technology Park has placed Botswana at the top of the diamond technology curve.

This centre of excellence, expediently situated a short distance from the airport, city centre of Gaborone and DTC Botswana, is known as Diamond Technology Park.

Diamond Technology Park has been developed in a professional, socially responsible, commercially viable and sustainable manner that satisfies the aspirations of government, the international diamond industry and other key stakeholders.

Modelled on similar successful international developments, the concept of Diamond Technology Park is that of a supply chain cluster housing the entire diamond industry in a centralized, secure manner.

This model creates opportunities for small, medium and micro enterprises and generates greater efficiencies and security for all.